Ceteris offers a variety of support for businesses in Clackmannanshire both through the Business Gateway service and through its own activities.

It supports over 100 new businesses each year, as well as over 300 existing businesses.

Alison Davidson, Business Gateway Manager, explained: “We have some really good businesses in the area, great start ups and exciting growth businesses. My job in particular is to support growth businesses.

“It’s hard work but very rewarding and over the past year I’ve been really pleased at being able to access over half a million pounds of additional support for our businesses, either from Scottish Enterprise, or Government grants for innovation, marketing, E-Commerce etc.

“WI was also delighted that one of our tenant businesses and a key Business Gateway Growth client, Innpac Ltd., which won the recent Clacks Business Award for ‘Most Promising New Business 2015’.

“Some of our statistics are testimony to the caliber of business that we have and their interactions with our services: for example, Our businesses have a higher threeyear survival rate than the national average (Forth Valley 70 per cent compared to Scottish average 61 per cent) Customer satisfaction levels are 96 per cent compared to national average of 87 per cent Attendance at events is 57 per cent higher than national average Cost per job created 48 per cent lower than national average.”

Ms Davidson said: “Our Business Gateway business support works well with our other activities. We deliver the New Enterprise Allowance service for Clackmannanshire, which means NEA clients can get additional support with business planning and have access to NEA finance.

“We also deliver a range of training programmes, either subsidised by Business Gateway or subsidised by Ceteris to allow us to offer free or very reasonably priced training and networking events.”

Ceteris was delighted to see such a high number of tenants and Business Gateway clients amoungst the finalists: While they would like to congratulate all the participating businesses, special congratulations to the following tenants (and clients): SV-24/7 Vending, Innpac Ltd., and Scottish Autism, and Business Gateway clients, Inglewood House Ltd., Prowd Enterprises Ltd., Smartspecs and Bridge Street Kitchen.