Clacksfirst BID, in the same way that other BIDs throughout Scotland are doing, has partnered with Alloa-based Energylinx for Business with the aim of promoting their energy comparison platform to our Members with a view to exploring possible savings on running costs. It is recommended that businesses compare the cost of their utilities at least once per year to ensure that they have the optimum tariff relative to usage. Clacksfirst BID will receive a payment for every completed switch and the intention is to re-invest those funds to supplement the BID levy funds. Obviously we can’t determine the amounts that will be generated, therefore it is difficult to identify a project that could benefit from this revenue however, we will have a record of what is generated and in twelve months from commencement, we will come to you, our members to seek your opinion on where the monies should be allocated.

Energylinx for Business is a local business to Clackmannanshire however, they are widely acknowledged as a top UK operator and provide the energy comparison platform for brands such as