Safety & Security

Clacksfirst BID operates a ‘Business Watch Scheme’ and is keen to share any information you may have, relative to crime or suspicious behaviour. Contact if you see something worthy of sharing and we will promptly circulate the information to BID members.

Clacksfirst BID has an estate of CCTV cameras throughout the BID area. Through consultation with our partner agencies, it was advised that we invest in a system capable of capturing vehicle registration numbers. If your business has been subjected to criminal behaviour, contact us and we will work with Police Scotland to assist.

Clacksfirst BID, in partnership with The Scottish Business Resilience Centre and Police Scotland, produced a one-stop-shop ‘Business Crime Prevention’ CD/PDF that provides easy to-read-and-follow advice, tips and general information as well as forms that can be used to help keep you, your employees and your business safe. The data assists business operators and their staff in Clackmannanshire to prevent crime and to identify criminal activity and offenders. To get a copy of the CD/PDF contact

Clacksfirst BID employs mobile security patrols throughout the BID area during out-of-work hours as an added factor in our aim to keep crime figures down in the Clackmannanshire business arena.

Clacksfirst BID, in partnership with Criminal Justice Services, will remove unused, discarded pallets. Following an audit of the BID area, Police Scotland observed a number of pallets that could either be used as a climbing apparatus or be a fire risk. This is not a scheduled service, if you need pallets removed, contact this service is currently free.