Tuesday 12th April, 8.30am – 10.30am

Inglewood House, Alloa, FK10 2HU

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Keith McDevitt – Cyber Resilience integrator for Scottish Government

John Munro – Clackmannanshire Council – Superfast Broadband Rollout

David Stubley – CEO, 7 Elements, Information Security Consultants

In an ever-increasing digitally connected world, the opportunities for businesses to engage new markets and innovate are immense. The internet is the means by which the majority of business is now done. However criminal elements have also recognised this and evolved rapidly to exploit the opportunities of a worldwide market in which trusted transactions are difficult to establish. They are a threat to business that by the very nature of the internet is different from the real world threats we are used to. It is challenging to defend against a threat that is difficult to see, touch or sense but that is ever present and thrives on exploiting weaknesses in ICT management, poor configuration, complacency and or simply exploiting peoples inherent trust.

It is a false assumption that cyber criminals only target Big Business, the truth is that they attack all aspects of the supply chain, the weaker the defence the least effort required.

In the face of ever-growing cyber-attacks a UK wide KPMG survey published in February 2016 found that Scotland’s small businesses were both ‘Unconcerned and Unprepared’ for this threat.

In a digital world Cyber-attacks are a business risk, not an ICT issue and the risk needs to be understood if it is to be managed.

The digital landscape is changing, the threat and risks are real and  becoming a Cyber Resilient organisation needs to be the future norm.